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Crusher panel

Lack of coordination between exploitation and crusher unit always causes serious problems. An increasing amount of trucks’ waiting time in the crusher area, when crushing facilities are temporarily unavailable, and

Feeding crusher irregularly due to sudden upstream problems could lead to a production decrease, an increase in depreciation rate of the equipment, and as a result, increasing costs of mine operation.

Bistun Kavir Yazd has developed Crusher panel to allow instant and effective communication between exploitation section and crushing unit. This can help dispatching operators and mine supervisors to stay up-to-date with the current status of crushing operation and can inform crusher operators about the upstream condition.

The most significant advantages of crusher panel system are as follows:

The possibility of an instant connection between mine supervisors and control center with the crushing unit

The precise and complete recording of downtime causes and other crusher information as well as displaying relevant reports instantaneously, which reduce human error in recording data

Take a quick action when a broken shovel’s nail is about to jam the crusher and causes serious damage.

Improving utilization by reducing the amount of delay in feeding the crusher as well as decreasing waiting time for trucks in case of a breakdown.

Laboratory Panel

The information related to taken samples from crushing products is recorded in the crusher panel by operators. By transferring these recorded data to the laboratory unit, it is possible to directly import the grade analysis of these samples into the system. In other words, the laboratory panel is a program that allows users to enter the specification for each sample after observing currently taken samples in crusher. In this case, due to the direct connection between crushing and laboratory unit, sample analysis can be accessed by authorities as quickly as possible.