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Monitoring vital information

to avoid equipment breakdown, immediate detection of any sign showing failure is necessary. Health monitoring systems for heavy vehicles have been developed by a number of producers which register the current status of different parts using a variety of sensors.

Apart from drivers, information received from these sensors must be checked by operational experts in different sections. It should also be mentioned that there is a risk of data loss if no backup is performed. Therefore, Bistun Kavir Yazd has developed a comprehensive system which can transmit the received data to the control center. These data are presented in the form of charts and graphs so that they can be processed and analyzed at short notice. The designed system is connected to Bistun Kavir Yazd maintenance software and sends the machine’s number and defect’s code in case of a breakdown. In maintenance software, defective parts are demonstrated, and this can facilitate the process of detection and fixing. This system can present a variety of information online such as Fuel consumption, Speed, Engine load, tonnage, operators’ working time, oil pressure, operational status, breaks defects, oil level status, route condition, and loading and unloading counter and etc.