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Grade control

Incorrect grade blending reduces ore recovery and increases overall operation costs. When grade constraints are of great importance, the dispatching system considers ore blending along with other important criteria such as production increase.

Road Quality control

۱- Problem on the road

Rough and low-quality of haulage roads may increase maintenance costs and decrease the lifespan of the trucks’ tires. Drivers can send the locations of the problematic parts of the roads to the control center using a key named “problem on the road” and thus related officers understand about the problem and try to solve it as soon as possible.

۲- Road water sprinkling

Start and end points of water sprinkling routes are recorded by sprinkler drivers, and transport officers will be able to observe water sprinkled routes in different shifts. Quality of water sprinkling the road along with sprinklers operation can be controlled and managed using this system.

Drilling operation control

Bistun Kavir Yazd system of drilling operation control, optimize excavation activities of mine through automation of drilling, navigating drills to the drill holes’ positions with high precision and recording the operation data and reports. Using a Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS), this facility navigates the drills to the exact position of the defined drill holes and there will be no need to survey the drilling patterns. As a result, this technology not only optimizes drilling time and cost but also improves the safety of the operation.

This system enables officers and managers to record operational data. Therefore, drilling reports will be available instantaneously with high precision. It is possible to monitor drilling equipment and components using consumption reports. Analyzing these reports can lead to optimal usage of components and therefore the decrease in maintenance costs.