Consultation and Placement

A feasibility assessment to implement the project is undertaken along with considering the employer’s needs and providing solutions to meet them. Estimation of the project schedule and running costs is proposed.

Consultation and Placement

Installation, implementation and placement operation is extremely crucial in the smart mining process. Any attempt in this regard that leads to precise and fast implementation of the system could contribute to the affordability of the project and productivity in mining operation.

In the placement process, the purpose is to carry out all the procedure in an effective and precise way which is compatible with customers’ needs.


  • Assessing the feasibility of project implementation
  • Considering employer’s needs and provide approaches to meet them
  • Providing a plan which defines schedules and costs of the project
  • Submitting proposals about:
  • The implementation of local network coverage
  • Appropriate Server specifications and a list of required equipment
  • Designing the building to run the system
  • Devices needed to install on clients
  • Computers required for running the system