The high investment cost of mining equipment and the necessity for continuous control and supervision of mine fleet operation as well as coordinating them with mine production plan require an effective and comprehensive monitoring system. Bistun Kavir Yazd Monitoring System enables mine managers and decision makers to monitor mine fleet operation.

Equipment Display

A system with a real-time display of equipment is an effective measure to improve fleet efficiency and manage their operation. This module has been designed by Bistun Kavir Yazd experts according to existing standards and to customers’ demands.

Mining organizations using this monitoring system can have access to information about real-time locations of equipment, operators on each vehicle along with their operational information, the general condition of machinery (such as oil pressure alarms, velocity and etc.) and much other information in the form of a technical dashboard.

  • Equipment Display System capabilities
    • displaying real-time locations of equipment
    • transferring equipment operational data at high speed using Wi-Fi network
    • displaying different kinds of equipment using specific icons
    • displaying operators working at shift with the capability of communicating with them
    • providing statistical charts using recorded data


Managers and operation officers can have a schematic view of all the loading and haulage routes using this solution. Information for any loader such as its block, operator, load type selected by the operator and the trucks on their routes is presented. The queues of the trucks at loading and dumping areas are also displayed by this module.  One of the most important capabilities of this system is to identify the difference between a block load type and the load type selected by the loader operator.

Vehicle velocity control

Haulage trucks velocity controlling system not only improves the safety of operation but also prevents from increasing operational costs regarding damages of the equipment resulting from high velocity. the system automatically alerts the drivers in case of exceeding vehicle velocity from the predefined permitted values and also inform control center at the same time. The authorized velocities are imported to the system according to the standard values defined by safety officers and can be edited for different operating environments and different conditions of the weather.

Road control

The load type of trucks is compared with their haulage routes, based on loading areas. The system alerts the drivers and the operators of the control center in case of difference between the load type of the loading area and the trucks’ destinations. This system prevents truck drivers from unloading the material at the inappropriate dumping areas.

Road Quality control

۱- Problem on the road

Rough and low-quality of haulage roads may increase maintenance costs and decrease the lifespan of the trucks’ tires. Drivers can send the locations of the problematic parts of the roads to the control center using a key named “problem on the road” and thus related officers understand about the problem and try to solve it as soon as possible.

۲- Road water sprinkling

Start and end points of water sprinkling routes are recorded by sprinkler drivers, and transport officers will be able to observe water sprinkled routes in different shifts. Quality of water sprinkling the road along with sprinklers operation can be controlled and managed using this system.


An effective communication system is required to coordinate the operation of personnel, operators, and drivers and to organize activities among different parts of the mining site. Bistun Kavir Yazd communication system provides connection links for operators, officers, and managers using Wi-Fi network in the form of either text messages or Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

Bistun Kavir VoIP service enables voice transferring through the Wi-Fi network. The process of voice transferring, which is performed using analog signals in typical phone lines, is carried out through converting the voice into the digital data and transmitting them by this service. The system is designed to be applicable with no extra hardware requirements such as microphones, headsets, and etcetera in order to improve safety and avoid distractions for drivers. Some of the main advantages of the system are removing dependency for typical telecommunication lines, decreasing communication cost, easy connection between operators, no distraction at work and therefore preventing mine accidents. Recording the conversations and call lists and saving the conversations archives are other benefits of the system.

Drilling operation control

Drilling operations as the first link in the mining chain is of particular importance because its proper execution according to the drilling pattern has a direct impact on the quality of work in other mining operations such as blasting, loading and transport and crushing.

Biston Kavir Yazd Company’s drilling control system optimizes drilling operations by mechanizing the execution of drilling patterns, deploying drilling rigs in pit locations and also automatically recording its reports. This system facilitates the deployment of drilling equipment in the relevant blocks by using the DGPS positioning system. Thus, the implementation of patterns will not require mapping operations, which in addition to reducing the cost and time of drilling operations, will also increase the safety of operations.
The company has also designed and installed a suitable depth sensor for drilling machines. This is in such a way that while displaying the instantaneous drilling depth for the drill operator, it displays the complete information of the drilling block including the name of the block, number of drilled holes, depth of each hole, drill operating hours, etc. in the smart system. Therefore, drilling operation reports will be available with acceptable accuracy and instantaneously.

In general, the following can be considered the advantages of using this system:

Display drilling instant depth to drill operator
Record complete information of drilling block, including number of block holes, depth of each hole, drill operating hours on the block, etc.
Record the amount of drill operation hours, the amount and type of stops, how to perform periodic services, etc.
Record and monitor the performance of different parts of the drill, including different heads
Supervise the complete and correct execution of the drilling pattern

Monitoring the fuel consumption of machines

Knowing the fuel consumption of different machines can help effectively in their optimal use. For example, excessive fuel consumption in a dump truck can be a sign of an engine failure. In mines, there is usually no information on the fuel consumption of individual devices. In addition to the impossibility of monitoring the correct operation of machines, this can also lead to some abuses. Biston Kavir Yazd Company has designed and installed suitable panels and flowmeters on fueling machines as well as fixed fuel tanks, and has recorded the fuel consumption of mining machines in different time periods.


How to spend is directly affected by the quality of the explosion. In large mines, spending is usually done using special trucks. In order to monitor how spending is done by these machines, Biston Kavir Yazd Company has received information from the relevant sensors so that all spending information including block number, operating hours of spending, number of holes spent, amount and type of spent Records in each hole, etc. and displays in various reports. Using this information, the relevant authorities can fully monitor the implementation of spending operations. In general, the following can be considered the advantages of using this system:
 Record the complete information of the explosive block, including the time and distance of the operator, the number of the explosive block, the number of holes in the block, the amount and type of expenditure in the block, the rate of expenditure, etc.
 Record the amount and type of stops, how to perform periodic services and … spending machine
 Supervise the complete and correct execution of spending operations