Data archive and Reporting

Accessibility to the accurate and comprehensive reports about the performance of personnel and equipment gives managers an opportunity to have a better understanding of the current work condition and helps them to plan and make a proper decision in order to improve the operation productivity. These considerations can be extremely crucial for mining activities due to heavy workload and large scale and expensive equipment in mining operation.


In many cases, it is necessary to review and evaluate the reports of machinery movements in the past especially for the purpose of accidents investigation. users are able to simulate past events and observe the information such as vehicle velocity, location, and etc. through this system.


Production reports are among the most important statistics for any mining industry. Real-time production information classified by type of materials and unloading areas is available on Bistun Kavir Yazd smart mining system through accurate recording of data and details related to all operation of material haulage.


Mine equipment has high capital investment, as well as costly operation and maintenance. Thus, it has always been a matter of interest to use the equipment effectively in order to gain maximum possible productivity. Bistun Kavir Yazd smart mining system provides the possibility of recording accurate equipment data, including working and maintenance periods as well as information about the production, distances, velocities, and vehicles’ haulage and loading cycles by real-time monitoring.


The quality and quantity of Operators’ working time could have significant impacts on the mine production and equipment efficiency. Mine managers can assess the performance of operators and make decisions to increase production and productivity using operators working information such as operating times, mileage, trips, and some other useful data which are recorded at Bistun Kavir Yazd smart mining system.


All information such as exact start and end time of operator activities, routes traveled by equipment, vehicles’ velocity in any part of the mine site, any communication between operators and control center in the form of text messages or calls and other information like this is recorded at mining system. Therefore, it could be possible to monitor, identify and track violations of operators in case of accidents, using this recorded information. It is important to identify and prevent most of the equipment suspensions for maintenance purposes and it reduces damages due to these violations.