Bistun Kavir Yazd company started its business in the field of designing and performing innovative mining systems, the monitoring and dispatching of mining machinery, and maintenance programs of equipment. We are the first Iranian company has developed dispatching services in the mining industry with the assistance of knowledgeable and dedicated staff and with conducting comprehensive research about the dispatching system in the world’s largest mines.

Mission announcement: who we are and what we do

Bistun Kavir Yazd has started its activities in terms of designing and implementing innovative mining and dispatching systems, management and monitoring mine fleets and scheduling equipment maintenance. Our company offers dispatching services especially to the mining industries using our dedicated and knowledgeable staff and applying our extensive knowledge gained by researching into dispatching approches in large-scale mines worldwide. Our products include software and hardware packages used to control and monitor mine fleets and prepare precise and accurate reports. We have designed our hardware package using the reputable brands regarding hardware components, and our software package was developed all by our experts, which has several options and provide an optimal user interface with minimum error. focusing on our customers’ demands, we try to introduce our products with maximum quality and in competitive price. Our concentration is on the domestic market, although we hope to provide the possibility of expanding our business overseas. developing our knowledge, considering environmental obligation, training experts, improving our products and utilizing the experiences of domestic and international businesses, we try to gain the satisfaction of our stakeholders and other beneficiaries.
Key purposes:
– Gaining customers’ trust and satisfaction by carrying out projects in its time and with most appropriate quality
– Applying the most innovative approaches and technologies for introducing systems and solutions based on our customers’ requirements
– Creative and innovative organizational structure
– Continuous cooperation with other organizations and consultors
– Introducing professional support services
– Respecting customers’ rights.
– Investigation and assessment in order to optimize services and products and introduce the best solutions to perform projects