Bistun Kavir Yazd, which is a knowledge-based company, was founded in the year 2011 in order to monitor and control intelligently the whole mining operation with the purpose of safety enhancement, decreasing operational costs and energy consumption, increasing productivity, and finally reaching the level of international mining standards.


Bistun Kavir Yazd was founded in 2011 with a team of experts in the field of technical software’s development. with the assistance of knowledgeable personnel, our company’s progress was boosted, and today our projects cover a wide range of engineering solutions in electronic, industrial and mining fields, all of which are managed by well-trained staff. All activities, either in the research process or in the implementation stage, have been kept at an acceptable level. Our company started its research project with the help of university professors and experienced experts in order to achieve technological advancement related to industrial automation systems and smart mining, and finally developed a dispatching system for the first time in Iran.