An effective communication system is required to coordinate the operation of personnel, operators, and drivers and to organize activities among different parts of the mining site. Bistun Kavir Yazd communication system provides connection links for operators, officers, and managers using Wi-Fi network in the form of either text messages or Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

Bistun Kavir VoIP service enables voice transferring through the Wi-Fi network. The process of voice transferring, which is performed using analog signals in typical phone lines, is carried out through converting the voice into the digital data and transmitting them by this service. The system is designed to be applicable with no extra hardware requirements such as microphones, headsets, and etcetera in order to improve safety and avoid distractions for drivers. Some of the main advantages of the system are removing dependency for typical telecommunication lines, decreasing communication cost, easy connection between operators, no distraction at work and therefore preventing mine accidents. Recording the conversations and call lists and saving the conversations archives are other benefits of the system.