Drilling operation control

Drilling operations as the first link in the mining chain is of particular importance because its proper execution according to the drilling pattern has a direct impact on the quality of work in other mining operations such as blasting, loading and transport and crushing.

Biston Kavir Yazd Company’s drilling control system optimizes drilling operations by mechanizing the execution of drilling patterns, deploying drilling rigs in pit locations and also automatically recording its reports. This system facilitates the deployment of drilling equipment in the relevant blocks by using the DGPS positioning system. Thus, the implementation of patterns will not require mapping operations, which in addition to reducing the cost and time of drilling operations, will also increase the safety of operations.
The company has also designed and installed a suitable depth sensor for drilling machines. This is in such a way that while displaying the instantaneous drilling depth for the drill operator, it displays the complete information of the drilling block including the name of the block, number of drilled holes, depth of each hole, drill operating hours, etc. in the smart system. Therefore, drilling operation reports will be available with acceptable accuracy and instantaneously.

In general, the following can be considered the advantages of using this system:

Display drilling instant depth to drill operator
Record complete information of drilling block, including number of block holes, depth of each hole, drill operating hours on the block, etc.
Record the amount of drill operation hours, the amount and type of stops, how to perform periodic services, etc.
Record and monitor the performance of different parts of the drill, including different heads
Supervise the complete and correct execution of the drilling pattern