How to spend is directly affected by the quality of the explosion. In large mines, spending is usually done using special trucks. In order to monitor how spending is done by these machines, Biston Kavir Yazd Company has received information from the relevant sensors so that all spending information including block number, operating hours of spending, number of holes spent, amount and type of spent Records in each hole, etc. and displays in various reports. Using this information, the relevant authorities can fully monitor the implementation of spending operations. In general, the following can be considered the advantages of using this system:
 Record the complete information of the explosive block, including the time and distance of the operator, the number of the explosive block, the number of holes in the block, the amount and type of expenditure in the block, the rate of expenditure, etc.
 Record the amount and type of stops, how to perform periodic services and … spending machine
 Supervise the complete and correct execution of spending operations